Sunday, June 12, 2011

An end to all those traveling woes...

I must admit, as a frequent traveler I have learned to live without many of my home comforts while on the road in order to save room, money (on the ever-increasing luggage costs), and the overall hassle of having to lug so much with me.

While I’ve learned to pare down my outfits, live with less shoes, and use the minimal amount of products possible, one thing I can’t live without is my face care products. Which got me thinking about how Elings has made this so much easier… Not only are the products spectacular and stretch over an incredible amount of time (meaning you totally get your money’s worth and then some), but the packaging is awesome. You don’t have to just pack your face wash and leave your moisturizer behind due to space issues. I can bring a handful of the products with me, all fitting easily in my makeup case (and keeping my skin clean, moisturized, and beautiful while I am away!)

Don’t believe me? Just try packing your face wash, cleanser/toner, moisturizer, eye treatment, etc. and see how much “stuff” you’ll be lugging with you. Then check out Elings versions of these products and see just what I’m talking about. Affordable, toteable, and most importantly – effective in helping you look your best!

Want to order Elings and see what all the fuss is about? Click here to check out all of their great products! And for a limited time, be sure to use code “NEWBLOG” at checkout to receive 25% off your ENTIRE order (plus FREE shipping!) What a great excuse to stock up on a fabulous products!!

Well, gotta run!  I have a super early morning appointment (meaning my Serenity is definitely going to come in handy!)

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